2008 Childhood Cancer Facts

Over the past 10 years there has been an average of 1,276 new diagnosis of childhood cancer each year in Canada. Over the same period there is an average of 208 deaths annually contributed to this disease. Survival rates in Canada are now estimated at 82%. More children are surviving childhood cancer and the need for specialized camps and community programs continues to grow.

In 2008, member camps across Canada provided specialized oncology camps and community support programs to 5,252 children and their families. This number has grown by approximately 10% over the past three years. Member camps are dedicated to the specialized pediatric oncology field and are committed to ensure that all campers receive the highest standard in camp programming and childhood cancer care. In order to meet this goal all member camps have collaborated to develop protocols that all camps have agreed to operate within.

These include: direct collaboration and involvement with the local childhood cancer clinic, accreditation with the provincial camping association and ongoing compliance with the CAPOC/ACCPO guidelines and peer review process.

Not all oncology camps have accepted this practice. Parents and professionals are encouraged to look for the CAPOC logo to ensure that the camp is operating under best practices in Canada. Only member camps are operating under the safe practices developed in consultation with the childhood cancer clinics (C17), provincial camping associations and the Children’s Oncology Camping Association  International.

Overall goals for a national pediatric oncology camping organization

All camps will work collaboratively and cooperatively with local pediatric oncology clinics
All camps will join the provincial camping association and will operate programs under the provincial standards

All camps will adopt the current CAPOC/ACCPO guidelines as best practice in addressing the special considerations of the pediatric oncology camper
All camps will participate in a peer review process focusing on Level of collaboration and cooperation with local oncology programs
Current and up to date accreditation with provincial

camping organization
Adherence to CAPOC/ACCPO guidelines
Operations in practice (demonstration of adherence to policy, guidelines and standards at camps)
All camps will be actively involved in educating families, communities and corporate stakeholders regarding the special service provided by member camps and to promote national member camps
Develop and strengthen the children’s oncology camping movement in Canada by pooling resources, supporting peers and creating a strong national camping voice

To enhance the programming of pediatric oncology camps thereby promoting health and improving the cancer camp experience for children with cancer and their families.