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Tips For A Balanced Exercise Program

OK, so you want to be more physically active. One way is to set aside a particular time for a formal workout program, involving such planned pursuits as walking, jogging, swimming, tennis, aerobic dance, couch exercises, exercising to a work out video or CD, and so on. But don’t underestimate the value and importance of […]

Brain Cancer – A Brief Overview

Brain Cancer – A Brief Overview Brain cancer is one the rarest yet most fatal diseases a human being could suffer. Statistics show that in the United States, the probability of an individual afflicted with brain cancer is 0.015% to 0.02%, which translates to 15 to 20 instances for every 100,000 persons. Reports also show […]

Alternative Liver Cancer Treatments

In the case of alternative liver cancer treatments, one of three meanings may apply.  The first definition refers to the various treatments that have evolved within the traditional medical community for cancers of differing types and of different stages.  The second definition is applicable to holistic non-traditional treatments that have not been tested by the […]

How to Maintain Liver Overall health

Did you know the health of your complete human body sits together with the health of your respective hard working liver? It is really an wood while in the higher belly this assists in digestive function and also purges waste elements as well as worn-out solar cells on the bloodstream. It’s the biggest reliable body […]

2008 Childhood Cancer Facts

Over the past 10 years there has been an average of 1,276 new diagnosis of childhood cancer each year in Canada. Over the same period there is an average of 208 deaths annually contributed to this disease. Survival rates in Canada are now estimated at 82%. More children are surviving childhood cancer and the need […]

Overall goals for a national pediatric oncology camping organization

All camps will work collaboratively and cooperatively with local pediatric oncology clinics All camps will join the provincial camping association and will operate programs under the provincial standards All camps will adopt the current CAPOC/ACCPO guidelines as best practice in addressing the special considerations of the pediatric oncology camper All camps will participate in a […]